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Our services focus on bringing innovation to the store that infuses newness + brings more customer attention.

From ideas to action
We consult on ideas + strategies in innovation ready to execute or be progressively introduced through a season.

Scaled to your needs Because the digital world is today very accessible, our services adapt to your resources. Innovation is in everyone’s reach today.

International experts for your projects A culture of flexibility, creativity at your service.

Our services

  • Consulting visual merchandising

    Our services bring new perspectives to your  stores and directions for the futur.  Experts are brought in where needed in order to have your retail experience be as brilliant as possible.

  • Made to measure city retail tours

    Provide your brand managers a moment to look at inspirational ideas live. Tours and emblematic examples of retail environments and approaches are orchestrated for your brand’s particular focus and objectives. These moments are privileged moments for your team to define concepts and exchange guided by  inspirational experts on key topics defined by you. We can prepare these tours virtually and via photographic format should your time be limited.

  • Workshops innovation strategy

    The objectif of the workshops is to guide a strategic vision on innovation and act as moderator among the key departments. Experts on specific innovation subjects such as e commerce, web technology, are ready to join us on particular subjects.  Length of workshops are variable starting at half day engagement.