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Experts to bring innovations in store


    Collective Lights provides a complete service of:

  • strategy,
  • implementation,
  • and training
    for small and medium companies in the retail sector
    who need assistance integrating
    innovation in their retail experience.


Collective Lights, consults in visual merchandising and store concept design for fashion, home products and cosmetics.Skills and projects on digital technologies have broadened our services. The opportunity to work in Singapore has allowed new networks and work partnerships in Asia and Indonesia.


Our experts are in Singapore, Paris and Zurich

  • Singaporean founded consulting firm focusing on brand communication and visual merchandising.

  • A digital training company very active servicing IT brands.

  • Retail experience designer with 10 years + experience in East West branding.

  • Brilliant digital communication consultant for luxury brands.

  • Digital prop fabrication.

  • Web support.